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tyler posey is the type of boy your mom would trust and love so much that she’d be okay with knowing you two are banging in the guest room when you come to visit



good grammar is racist

Dismissing people’s opinions because they don’t know how to properly use a semicolon is classist.
Dismissing people’s opinions for speaking in a dialect different from the one used by those in power is almost always classist, racist or both.
"Good" grammar is subjective. Grammar wasn’t passed down by God on a stone tablet. It, like all facets of language, is evolving and socially constructed.
Care to make an argument otherwise or do you just wanna keep being a shitstain?

 if i were a butterfly i would want to live here


white girl: you idiot i wanna hold your stupid hand and kiss your dumb face

me: bitch what u say to me



Hand jobs and blow jobs are called jobs because they’re tedious and dicks are gross. Going down on a girl is called eating out because it’s a privilege.

the bullshit straight guys say to get their dick wet is and always will be OTT


did i allow u to have fun without me

  • me waking up: i can't wait to go to sleep tonight